‘Who Killed WCW?’ Creators Respond to Criticism of Show

Who Killed WCW recently aired on Vice TV. The documentary series from the makers of Dark Side of the Ring received criticism from professional wrestling fans and insiders.

Some criticism focused on the involvement of WWE’s The Rock, with Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions helping produce the show, while some questioned why the topic of WCW’s demise was being discussed again 23 years after the fact. Co-creator Evan Husney spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and addressed criticism of the series:

“I think there was definitely a lot of skepticism from the internet wrestling world going into this, and rightfully so. This is a topic that’s been discussed a lot in the past. I think The Rock and Seven Bucks being involved really raised some skepticism,” where people were like, ‘Is this a WWE project where it’s going to have a different WWE perspective?’ Like I said, this came together last year, so this was before I even knew or anyone knew that The Rock was going to be on the TKO board. So no, the whole idea with this project was that we wanted to, kind of follow on from (Guy Evans’ book), really tell this story from the WCW perspective, to get a fresh perspective on this.

“This isn’t the story of WWE killing WCW, it’s the story of all the elements from within that have brought this company down. That was what we wanted to investigate. Obviously you see some of the, for lack of a better term, vile response to the show, and I think there’s a lot of parsing of fact or fiction. It’s very difficult with a story like this, 25 years later, to pick apart the facts and everything. But I think the emotions are That’s still true, from everything that happened. If you look at episode two, in terms of Eric Bischoff’s departure, and you look at the Bret Hart/Bill Goldberg fiasco and you look at everything that happened in episode three, I think there’s a lot. There are different opinions about the things that happened and everyone had their opinion, but we tried to represent them as best we could,” said Husney.

H/T: Fighting spirit