Who is Tom Aspinall? Step inside the life of the interim UFC heavyweight champion and sparring partner of Tyson Fury

Blessed with thunderous power and remarkable movement for a man his size, Tom Aspinall has established himself as one of the greatest heavyweights in the world.

With a temporary UFC belt around his waist, the power puncher is on the cusp of global supremacy. But who is the man behind the title?

Tom Aspinall is a remarkable person both inside and outside the cage. When the gifted athlete is not fighting, he takes care of his two sons and daughter.

Last year, his youngest son was diagnosed with autism, which prompted the athlete to do his utmost to raise awareness and also support other parents in the same situation.

(L-R) England's Tom Aspinall defeats Russia's Sergei Pavlovich for the interim UFC Heavyweight Championship at the UFC 295 event in Madi...
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How old is Tom Aspinall?

Thomas Paul Aspinall was born on April 11, 1993 in Salford, Greater Manchester, England, and fights from his hometown of Atherton.

His parents are Tracey and Andy. His father has played an important role in his growth as a mixed martial artist. Under the watchful eye of his father, Aspinall developed remarkable jiu-jitsu skills before falling in love with his hands.

In June 2024 he will be 31 years old.

Tom Aspinall height and weight

Even by heavyweight standards, ‘The Honey Badger’ is a scary operator. At an intimidating height of 6-foot-1 and 262 pounds, Aspinall is undeniably a monster.

Despite his massive stature, however, the heavy-handed operator has the moves of a man half his size, often leaving plodding opponents mesmerized by his graceful footwork.

Furthermore, unlike most of his competitors in the UFC’s toughest weight class, the Brit doesn’t throw his punches with reckless abandon, but instead uses perfect technique to execute his shots.

Tom Aspinall X/Twitter and Instagram accounts

Tom Aspinall has an official Instagram account with 573,000 followers @tomaspinallofficial.

He’s also on You can follow him @AspinallMMA.

Who is Tom Aspinall’s wife?

In a romantic story, Aspinall fell in love with his wife, Justynagro, and the couple married in a beautiful ceremony.

The fighter’s partner is Polish, which has given the athlete the opportunity to work on learning another language.

Furthermore, the fact that his children are half-Polish has given him a close bond with the country.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from dismantling the country’s mixed martial artists inside the cage, which included a huge win over Marcin Tybura in 2023.

Tom Aspinall MMA record

14-3-0 10-1 4-1

Career statistics

Significant attacks per minute 7.72
Significant striking accuracy 67%
Significant blows absorbed per minute 2.77
Significant Attack Defense (the percentage of opponents’ attacks that did not land) 66%
Average deletions per 15 minutes 3.46
Accuracy in removal 100%
Takedown defense (the percentage of opponents’ TD attempts that did not land) 100%
Average number of attempted submissions per 15 minutes 1.73
Data via UFC

Tom Aspinall net worth

After cementing his status as a world-class athlete, Aspinall has generated an impressive net worth.

According to SportsKeeda, thanks to his exploits in the cage and endorsements from companies like VitalityCBD, the MMA icon is worth around $250,000.

With a potential superfight with Jon Jones on the horizon and a slew of future opportunities on the table, the athlete is likely to make a lot more money in the coming years.

Tom Aspinall next fight

The gifted operator will make the first defense of his interim title at the Co-op Arena in Manchester, UK, against Curtis Blaydes on July 27.

The highly anticipated match will give the gladiator the chance to earn redemption against the only man to ever claim his scalp in the UFC.

Tom Aspinall and Tyson Fury

Before deciding to pursue the noble craft of mixed martial arts, Aspinall dipped his toe into the world of boxing.

During this period he shared many rounds with Tyson Fury, soaking up information like a sponge, watching the ex-WBC champion’s footwork and making it his mission to replicate it in the cage.

In an interview with The Daily Star, he discussed his training experience with Peter Fury, claiming: “I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and sparring partners over the years, and I try to learn something from everyone.

“Peter Fury taught me a lot, though. I think the man is an unsung hero of boxing. He doesn’t go out there and do a million interviews and make himself big.

“But Peter Fury is one of the best coaches ever, at least from my experience. I think he’s brilliant. And he really understands the mentality and techniques of the fighters.

“He always said to me, ‘Go out, use your knockoffs and keep them guessing.’ That’s something that has stuck with me in MMA.

“I’m constantly trying to confuse my opponents, and that’s certainly something that comes from Peter Fury and the Fury family.”

Tom Aspinall loss and injury vs. Curtis Blaydes

In a moment of pure horror, just 15 seconds into his fight against Blaydes, Aspinall collapsed to the canvas after injuring his knee.

The severity of the damage forced the Briton to wait on the sidelines while he recovered.

While he eventually returned to the cage, he was forced to live with a huge stain on his rap sheet. But now he has the chance to right that wrong at UFC 304.

Tom Aspinall vs Marcin Tybura

After such a devastating injury, the warrior needed much-needed time to recover. During this period, he reflected on his journey and his overwhelming desire to achieve his goals.

Although this period of inactivity was tough, it gave him all the motivation he needed to get back on the horse.

With breathtaking power he ran right through Tybura to confirm that he still has what it takes to climb the MMA mountain.

Tom Aspinall vs. Sergei Pavlovich

When the call came to replace Jones and Stipe Miocic, Aspinall accepted without question.

Like the great Michael Bisping, the fighter took the opportunity on two weeks’ notice to fight Sergei Pavlovich in the most famous arena in the world.

Aspinall walked out in front of a cheering crowd at Madison Square Garden and produced a spectacular performance to knock his Russian opponent unconscious and claim the UFC interim title in the process.

Tom Aspinall vs. Alexander Volkov

When the MMA star headlined London’s O2 Arena, some felt it was a leap too far, especially considering the man in the opposite corner.

British fans watched in awe in 2018 as Alexander Volkov defeated Fabricio Werdum at the same venue.

But instead of letting the nerves get to him, Aspinall used the concern as fuel to his fire to produce an emphatic display.

It only took one round for the prospect to separate his opponent from his senses and reveal himself to the world.

Tom Aspinall vs. Sergey Spivak

On a night when Darren Till fell short against Derek Brunson, Aspinall gave British MMA enthusiasts something to cheer about.

In a co-headline clash, the warrior took on Sergey Spivak and produced a stunning display of mixed martial arts.

He demonstrated his knowledge of the clinch, separating himself from his opponent just enough to land a devastating right hand, sending his rival crashing to the canvas.

Tom Aspinall knockouts

In his career thus far, Aspinall has made a habit of letting his hands go, typically finishing anyone on the receiving end.

From his days at BAMMA to his time in the UFC, the phenom has knocked out a total of eleven people.

Jon Jones vs. Tom Aspinall

In a sport full of dream matches, Jon Jones and Tom Aspinall may be the most in-demand of them all.

Fans around the world would do anything to witness the two titans of the sport battling it out for all the marbles in the heavyweight bracket.

The fantasy battle would bring together a genius practitioner with an innate ability to find a way to win against a huge man with lightning fast hands, who might just have the antidote to his rival’s poison.

Regardless, at least for now, “Bones” dismisses ever signing on the dotted line. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

If Aspinall can beat Blaydes, the hype for a potential fight might be just enough to leave Jones no choice.

Alex Pereira and Tom Aspinall

While there is undeniably a huge size difference between Aspinall and Alex Pereira, a clash between the pair would undoubtedly be good for business.

Tom Aspinall looks on as Brazil's Alex Pereira exits the Octagon in the UFC light heavyweight championship fight during the UFC 300 event at T-Mob...
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

With two UFC world titles already on his mantelpiece, the Brazilian wouldn’t mind going for a third and having already created one of the most iconic shots in MMA history, a battle between the pair certainly wouldn’t end badly with the fans.

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