Volkanovski gave his prediction for Ortega’s fight with Lopez – RingSide24

Former UFC featherweight champion Alex Wolkanowski made his prediction for the upcoming match between Brian Ortega and Diego Lopez.

by opez.

“Who am I betting on? Lopez is the favorite and he’s really good, but this will be the first time I’ve bet on him, simply because of Ortega’s resilience. It’s a three-round fight – can Lopez do enough damage in the first two rounds to win by decision? At five rounds I wouldn’t risk making a prediction, but at three rounds I can’t bet on Lopez, I think Lopez will punch more in the stand-up and be more aggressive, but I don’t believe he can drop or knock out Ortega, whose chin has been tested. I have a lot of respect for Lopez, and I think he will succeed in the end, but I’m betting on the underdog this time. I think Ortega’s punches will be more timely and calculated.”

The fight between Ortega and Lopez will take place on June 29 at UFC 303.