Update on Joe Hendry possibly appearing on NXT

Say his name and he will appear? A new report provides an update on Joe Hendry possibly appearing on NXT.

With TNA teaming up with NXT in recent weeks, fans have become excited about potential crossovers between the brands. WWE has heavily teased talent from other locker rooms competing in a battle royal on the June 18 episode of WWE NXT.

Corey Brennan from Fighting spirit (through Fighting selection) previously reported that the match was expected to involve TNA talent. In an update, Brennan reports that Joe Hendry has been discussed for the Battle Royal. However, his participation was not confirmed.

Brennan writes that recent references to Hendry by Vic Joseph and Brooks Jensen were planned. Additionally, Brennan quotes sources noting that Joe Hendry has had “admirers” on NXT for some time. One talent said they would be “shocked” if Hendry didn’t appear as part of the crossover. Additionally, Brennan quotes sources who shared their belief that the crossover is far from over.

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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