U12 softball wins against Buena Vista

Gunnison’s U12 softball girls defeated Buena Vista at home, 16-15, in a thrilling four-inning brawl on June 22.

The game got off to an exciting start when Gunnison struck out Buena Vista’s leadoff hitter. But the energy was quickly lost when, after drawing two walks, the hosts gave up an RBI single that brought home both Buena Vista runners and lifted the lead to 2-0.

The first inning continued thanks to walks and errors, and Buena Vista enforced the five-run rule, which automatically ends the inning when either team scores five runs.

Gunnison opened the bottom of the first inning with three consecutive walks and a runner stealing home plate. With two runners in scoring position and the pressure on, the hosts delivered, getting two runners home thanks to multiple errors from the Buena Vista team.

To seal the tone of the inning, two more runners stole all the bases. Once again, the inning ended with the five-run rule and Gunnison tied the game at 5-5.

The top of the second inning started with two walks by Buena Vista, allowing the runners to steal home plate, lifting the lead to 7-5 with no outs. With more walks and an RBI single, Buena Vista again enforced the five-run rule and took a 10–5 lead.

Gunnison followed in their footsteps, scoring five more runs with the help of seven walks. The game looked as close as ever at 10-10 going into the third inning. Gunnison would need to put up a strong defensive effort if they had a chance to seal the victory.

Gunnison shut down Buena Vista’s attack in the third, holding them to just one point and limiting the lead to 11-10.

With urgency in the bottom of the third, Gunnison came out swinging. The girls scored three runs in the inning to make it 13-11 and take the lead for the first time in the entire game.

In the fourth and final inning, Buena Vista caught fire at the plate, scoring four final runs to push the score to 15-13. In Gunnison’s final at bats, the offense was executed flawlessly, stealing and scoring on a wild pitch. With runners in scoring position, Gunnison left the game with a ground ball hit to the shortstop, scoring one run and finishing the game as a heartbreaking home victory, 16-15.

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