Timeless vapes and KC native, DJ Stewart, continue to Shred for the Cure – Greenway Magazine

Timeless Vapes and Kansas City native DJ Stewart began collaborating in 2023.

The collaborative initiative, called ‘Shred for the Cure’, aims to support brain cancer research and awareness through a partnership to create awareness and engagement.

Stewart, a brain cancer survivor and advocate known for his skateboarding skills and activism in the cannabis community, is once again joining forces with Timeless and artist John F. Malta for this year’s campaign.

In 2023, Shred for the Cure raised more than $13,000 for the Head for the Cure Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting brain cancer.

Building on the success of the first edition, this year’s campaign aims to raise $50,000 across multiple states.

“I’ve been skateboarding for over fifteen years, and for the last five of those years I’ve done so with a brain tumor,” said DJ Stewart. “With the support of Timeless and my friend and incredible artist, John F. Malta, I can fight cancer by developing skateboarding-inspired collectible flip cases, merchandise and a signature strain.”

“I was fortunate to meet and collaborate with DJ Stewart on this campaign,” said Kyle Webb, VP of Marketing at Timeless. “DJ faced a life-threatening illness, overcame it and made it his mission to continue fighting for others by working for Head for the Cure with his wife Erin. When you meet people like them, it’s easy to understand why this should be a national campaign.”

The heart of the campaign lies in a timeless combination of limited edition flip case and battery, beautifully designed by John F. Malta.

The limited-release hardware is available online and in select pharmacies in Arizona, California, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Oklahoma, but only while supplies last.

All profits from the Shred for the Cure partnership will be donated directly to Head for the Cure, with participating pharmacies also contributing to the cause, ensuring widespread impact on the community.

To learn more about Shred for the Cure, visit Timeless Vapes or follow them on Instagram.