The Vegas Golden Knights add size in NHL Mock Draft Simulation 2.0

In the previous NHL Mock Draft simulation, the Vegas Golden Knights selected a controversial forward in the form of Trevor Connelly. The player had all the talent in the world, but he made some questionable decisions along the way. Character issues plagued the prospect’s draft stock, leaving him down on draft boards in the mid-to-late first round.

So it should be a little different this time, right? Did the Golden Knights go in a different direction in this version of the mock draft? They did this by selecting Igor Chernyshov, a Russian winger from Dynamo Moskva of the KHL. The team doesn’t have to worry about any scandals from Chernyshov, other than the possibility of him returning to the KHL.

The previous draft profile highlighted numerous advantages to drafting the Russian forward. An example was his height, where he was 6 feet tall. Vegas has a similar player in Ivan Barbashev, a fierce first-line player who isn’t afraid to position opponents at will.

However, the Dynamo Moskva star uses his size for different purposes. He likes to crash the net and go full force at the goalkeeper before converting a scoring opportunity. Of course, he also uses his big frame to win puck battles, getting dirty at every opportunity.

How did the rest of the NHL Mock Draft go? Where did Trevor Connelly fall in this draft? The concept was created courtesy of FCHockey, with the previous version created there. But let’s move on and see what else came out of the mock draft, including a late-round surprise.

The Vegas Golden Knights put a lot of emphasis on being a bigger team than their opponents. They were the second tallest this season (average 74.1 inches, 0.1 behind the Dallas Stars) and were the heaviest NHL team (average 207.9 lbs). This NHL Mock Draft emphasizes that motif again, with Vegas selecting Igor Chernyshov, Jack Berglund and Svante Sjodin.

It has previously been mentioned that the Russian winger has the size to fit into the team seamlessly. He would be a similar player to Barbashev, who used his physicality to dictate the play. However, Berglund was selected much later in this draft. His size could also help the team in many ways. How, you may ask?

He is great off the puck and makes plays on the backcheck. Offensively, he uses that size to keep oncoming defensemen from taking the puck. Whether he’s standing in front of the net or skating across the ice, he can be difficult to maintain. The Vegas Golden Knights have made their money with players with good physical attributes and a height of 60 meters. game. Like Chernyshov, Berglund would easily fit into the franchise.

As for Sjodin, he works hard at all times. He puts himself on the line with every play, both in the offensive and defensive zones. That’s an admirable trait for NHL teams to consider, especially Vegas. They live and breathe fighting for every puck, with the big center connecting seamlessly. Now what happened to Trevor Connelly? The Tri-City Storm prospect went to the Washington Capitals at No. 17.