The Undertaker talks about ‘Pet Peeve’ in today’s wrestling

The Undertaker is arguably the best professional wrestling character and wrestler of all time. His career spanned over twenty years and he has faced some of the best wrestlers of all time. He has also won numerous titles since joining the WWE in the 1990s.

He also became the leader of the locker room.

The Undertaker talks about something he doesn’t like in modern wrestling

During his time as a professional wrestler, he has witnessed numerous changes. One of these is the ban on hitting people on the head with a chair.

Blades are also prohibited. The WWE now has a wellness policy and some concussion protocols. Wrestling itself has also evolved. Wrestlers fight differently these days. The Undertaker joined Maven Huffman on Maven’s YouTube channel.

Maven is a former Tough Enough winner and a former WWE Superstar. During his appearance, The Undertaker spoke to Maven about the Hell in a Cell Match he had with Shawn Michaels. During the match, Shawn turned back one of Undertaker’s chokeslams.

He did it with a kick above the knee of The Undertaker and then with punches. He analyzed that spot and talked about a modern wrestling trope he’s not too happy with. “Today there’s too much… after that kick, I think a lot of people in wrestling today would have made the people happy — they would have gone to the crowd,” the WWE Hall of Famer began.

“It doesn’t make any sense. You wouldn’t do that in a fight, you wouldn’t do that in that situation, and that’s one of my biggest pet peeves.” According to the Undertaker, the WWE has a large number of talented athletes. However, according to him, they interact too much with the crowd.

Maven then talked about the advice he received from Fit Finlay after he turned around. Fit told Maven that a wrestler should perform an aggressive attack after receiving heat from the crowd. The Undertaker agreed with Fit.

“There are gears for what’s going on. You start in first gear, but when that window opens, brother, you gotta get into sixth gear, and fast,” said the legend. The Undertaker was not only a great on-screen character, but was also known as one of the safest wrestlers in the world. He rarely injured his opponents and at the same time had a high work rate.