The Florence Brothers and a casual backdoor surfing session

florence brothers surfing

All three Florence brothers have very different styles, don’t they? Photos: YouTube//Screenshot

The slowness

Back in May, the Florence brothers went surfing together at Backdoor. That’s nothing new, of course, but it must be nice that it’s nothing new. John John, Nate, and Ivan were out with some friends, and as usual, John was probably thinking at least a little about the upcoming event in El Salvador. It’s likely that when he’s surfing outside of an event, he has a training mentality. Training for whatever event is on the horizon.

“The last session before El Salvador on the Power Tiger model I ended up surfing the event,” he wrote. “Focused on creating speed, following instinct and finding small barrels.”

As you probably know by now, John ultimately won the event. But as he recently revealed, as time has passed he has come to realize something about himself: it’s not so much winning that he enjoys, but everything that comes before it.

“It was actually the process that led to the victory that I enjoyed the most,” he explained. “I think my way of thinking has evolved over the last few years, kind of like post titles. It was a tough one because you have friends and family and everyone around you is just excited. You just won two world titles in a row and everyone wants you to win three, four and five. It’s very easy to get caught up in that outer story that people around you create, instead of trusting the inner story you have within yourself. It’s really funny what your body and mind do when you don’t want to be somewhere.”