Sushi Rolls, Poke Bowls and Noodles are coming to Prescott Valley

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There’s a new addition coming to Prescott Valley Town Center this July! Yogi’s Grill, home of teriyaki bowls, sushi rolls, stir fry noodles, and more, is set to open mid-July at 2992 N Park Ave #C, Prescott Valley, Arizona. The new restaurant will be located next to Rosa’s Pizzeria and will serve as a quick and easy lunch or dinner option, either dine-in or take-out.

Image shows the new storefront for Yogi's Grill.Image shows the new storefront for Yogi's Grill.

Yogi’s Grill brings a healthy yet affordable option to the area with $10 lunch specials, poke bowls, freshly made-to-order sushi rolls, stir-fry noodles and more.

Lena Ko, owner of the new Yogi’s Grill location, Sushi Poki, and more area restaurants says, “I’m excited about the new Yogis Grill coming to Prescott Valley, and I hope to open July 15 if all goes well. to go. Good.” Owner Lena Ko has worked diligently with Fain Signature Group since last year to lease space in the city center.

Brad and Ron Fain support Lena Ko after reaching a lease agreement.Brad and Ron Fain support Lena Ko after they reach a lease agreement.

Brad and Ron Fain support Lena Ko after they reach a lease agreement.

Yogi’s Grill will become the sixth local restaurant in Fain Signature Group’s Prescott Valley Town Center as the area continues to thrive with dining, entertainment, events and more. For more information about what’s happening in the city center, check out the F1rst2Know campaign below with events, restaurants and offers near you!

Yogi’s Grill

2992 N Park Avenue #C

Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314

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