See.Sense unveils new Rider Score tool at Velo-city

Micromobility data technology company See.Sense has unveiled its new Rider Score tool exclusively to Zag Daily, ahead of its official launch at Velo-city tomorrow.

The new feature uses swerve and braking data to create an overall safety score for the rider, which then monitors behavior change.

It is part of See.Sense’s second Sustainable Urban Micro Mobility Insights Tool (SUMMIT-2) that can be integrated into micromobility fleets to provide standardized data sets for cities, fleets and bike libraries.

“The rider score provides never-before-seen information about how a rider behaves in the environment,” Irene McAleese, co-founder of See.Sense, told Zag Daily exclusively. “This allows training where an individual could benefit, or where there are consistent events with different riders in the same location, allowing safety interventions to be identified.”

See.Sense expects that this feature will be well suited to B2B operators of micromobility vehicles, such as cargo bike services, food delivery, as well as shared operators.

The SUMMIT-2 device can be installed on e-bikes, pedal bikes and e-scooters by placing it under the seat or attaching it to a water bottle holder.

“SUMMIT-2 can add tracking to anything that doesn’t already have it. Essentially it is connected car telemetry without any installation issues or technical adjustments,” says Irene. “Other trackers provide theft tracking, but don’t have the ease of installation, long battery life, or ability to deliver sensor data with proven data use cases that help cities design and maintain cycling infrastructure or improve conditions for cycling.”

With See.Sense’s patented technology and a proprietary cellular connection, SUMMIT-2 transmits data to the cloud via ultra-low power 4G, requiring no user intervention. It also includes intelligent power management, edge processing and AI, giving the device a battery life of 3 to 12 months.

See.Sense has worked with cities around the world to monitor road safety in micromobility, for example through the initiative with Dott in Madrid and the focus on braking and evasive action with Transport for London.

After launching tomorrow at Velo-city, See.Sense will exhibit SUMMIT-2 at MOVE 2024 this week.