Ronaldo gives heartbreaking reason why he ‘loves tennis more than football’

  • Ronaldo Nazario has stunned the football world with his latest statement suggesting he is no longer in love with the sport
  • The 47-year-old made the statement at the Mouratou Annual Charity Gala, aimed at raising money for aspiring tennis players.
  • R9’s comment may not come out of the blue, with reports suggesting he is considering selling his club, Rayo Vallecano.

Brazilian football legend Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima has revealed he has fallen out of love with football.

The 1994 and 2002 World Cup winner claims the sport has become ‘boring’ for him and he struggles to sit through a 90-minute match.

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima, Brazil, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​tennis, football, love.
Ronaldo Nazario looks dejected after Brazil lost to France during the 1998 FIFA World Cup on July 12, 1998. Photo by picture alliance.
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Ronaldo exchanges football for tennis

The former Barcelona and Real Madrid goalscorer, regarded by many as the greatest striker to ever play the game, as quoted by GOAL, shared this sentiment during Mouratou’s annual charity gala.

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However, R9 has professed his affection for a completely different sport: tennis, claiming that his new-found passion surpasses even his former enthusiasm for football.

Why Ronaldo likes tennis more than football?

Ronaldo’s revelation surprised many, given his storied career and huge impact on football.

He said tennis excites him in a way that football no longer does, offering him an engaging experience that extends beyond the usual regular playing time of a football match.

“I think I like tennis more than football these days. It’s unbelievable, I can’t watch football matches, I find them very boring. But I can watch five hours of tennis, it’s crazy,” Ronaldo said, quoted in a video of Tennis majors.

Reflecting on his transition from football to tennis fandom, the two-time Ballon d’Or winner highlighted the excitement and constant action in tennis as key factors in his new passion.

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He also revealed that he has been training quite often to get better at his new-found ‘love’, while complaining about his backhand, a tennis technique in which the back of the hand comes before the palm when swinging the racket.

“I train three times a week, I’m still very competitive. I want to get better every day, but my backhand, my God… I think that’s the only thing that Patrick (Mouratoglou) can’t solve,” added the coach to it. former player.

Messi praises Ronaldo

In an earlier publication Sports short reported that Lionel Messi has named Ronaldo as the best player he has ever seen.

The iconic Argentine, widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time, holds this view despite coming from a country rich in football legends, including Diego Maradona.