Rohit dismisses Inzy’s ball-tampering allegations, says India ready for English threat in semi-final at Cricketnmore

T20 World Cup: India captain Rohit Sharma has rubbished the ball-tampering allegations leveled against his team by former Pakistan captain Inzamam-Ul Haq and said the prevailing conditions helped his bowler swing the ball against Australia in the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

Inzamam expressed surprise when Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh reversed the ball in the 15th over of the match against Australia and opined that the Indians had tampered with the ball.

“Arshdeep Singh, when he bowled the 15th over, turned the ball over. Is it too early (for reverse swing) with the new ball? This means the ball was ready for reverse swing by the 12th or 13th over. Umpires must do this do keep their eyes open (to recognize these things) If they were Pakistani bowlers (reverse swinging the ball) this would have been a big problem and if Arshdeep could come in the 15th over and back the ball it means that serious work has been done before,” Inzamam said on Pakistani news channel 24 News.


At the press conference ahead of the second semi-final, when asked about Rohit Sharma’s reaction to Inzamam’s accusations that the Indians had been “working on the ball”, the Indian captain said that the weather conditions during the T20 World Cup are such that a reverse swing is possible is. was natural.

“What can I say about this now? You’re playing in such a hot sun, the wicket is so dry, the ball turns over automatically. It happens to all teams, not just us. All teams are swinging backwards. Sometimes it is important to Open your mind. It is important to understand the conditions you are playing in. The match is not taking place in England or Australia,” said Rohit Sharma, dismissing the former Pakistan captain’s allegations.

India will play defending champions England in a replay of the 2022 T20 World Cup semi-final at the Guyana National Stadium in Providence on Thursday.

With the threat of rain looming in the match, Rohit was asked how the Indian team planned for a match with little rain. He said they will adapt to the situation as it arises.

“Look, I don’t think we came here thinking it’s going to be a 40-over match. We don’t want to think it’s going to be a shortened match. But if it is, we’ll change what we need to. ” change in terms of strategy, combinations or whatever it is. Whatever we think is the best chance for us to win the game,” he said.

“So we will be prepared for all sorts of scenarios. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. It has happened before. In the last T20 World Cup also, there was a shortened game against Bangladesh. So all those things happen and we will come here tomorrow to see what the scenario is. But ideally, it will be nice for everyone to have a 40-over game. But again, we will be ready to adapt to whatever comes our way,” Rohit Sharma said.