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Everything about the world’s oldest rodeo week with Jim Dewey Brown | F1RST2WEET

Buckle up and hold on to this F1RST2KNOW – Events, Recreation, Dining, Offers >>>

Guy Roginson and Jim Dewey Brown discuss all the happenings surrounding the World’s Oldest Rodeo. Tickets, Rodeo Events & Parades in Prescott This Weekend!

Heroes behind the world’s oldest rodeo

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching rodeo competitors perform: there’s plenty of action to get your heart pumping, with loud noises and chatter from the announcers, the dust thrown around by the amazing animal athletes and the cheers of the fans.

How to Make Flowers Bloom All Summer | Watters Garden Center

In this episode, Ken and Lisa from Watters Garden Center in Prescott discuss how to keep flowers blooming all summer long. Those summer bloomers are beautiful and add that little bit extra to your garden. So what do you do to keep your flowers blooming all summer long?

Never-Ending Baseball, Star Trek and Harlem: June 23-29 Week in History

This week in history we recognize the longest professional baseball game ever, the Star Trek Pilot, and look at the advancement of technology. Plus, we look at politics and other important historical events.

A look back at the 2023-2024 Prescott Basketball seasons | Talking Central Arizona Sports with Torrence Dunham

In this episode of “Talkin’ Central Arizona Sports” with Torrence “TD” Dunham, TD looks back at the 2023-2024 Prescott High School boys and girls basketball seasons. He also recaps the latest NAZ Wranglers game and previews the next opponents.

Blood Collection Training for YC Law Enforcement Officers at Yavapai College

The partnership between local law enforcement, the Regional Economic Development Center (REDC) and the Allied Health Department has resulted in the creation of a local phlebotomy training program for law enforcement officers.

Weekly update with Prescott Mayor Goode | 24th of June

Mayor Phil Goode’s Weekly Update for Prescott: Prescott Pavement Evaluations, Traffic Complaint Hotline, New Library Director, Hotshot Crew Learning and Tribute Center’s 6th Anniversary Celebration, City Meetings and City Council Summer Schedule.

Munchausen Syndrome | Power of the Mind

In this week’s Power of the Mind, presented by Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, Gregory Struve and Elicia Morigeau discuss Munchausen Syndrome and the consequences of this mental disorder.

Overnight closures of I-17 in Flagstaff will continue June 24-27

The Arizona Department of Transportation is advising drivers to expect overnight closures of Interstate 17 at JW Powell Boulevard in Flagstaff from Monday, June 24 through Thursday, June 27, as crews continue work on a new bridge at the interchange.

#007 Robby Lang | Ride with us

Greg interviews Robby Long, the Arena Director, discussing the exciting new additions to this year’s Rodeo and reflecting on how the community has come together in an exceptional way in 2020.

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