Punk Rock Bowling Day Three – Gogol Bordello, Stiff Little Fingers, Quicksand and more (Las Vegas 5/27/24)

I’m not saying we were hungover, but we had been to the pool party at the beginning of day three and couldn’t bear to leave the shade near the bar, let alone get to the front of the bands. After some reinforcements we reached the main festival in time for…

Stiff Little Fingers, original 70s punks from Belfast rocking out in the too bright sun…

Followed by Gogol Bordello who have been fantastic live every time we’ve seen them.

From there we moved to the second ‘party’ stage to hear Quicksand, post-hardcore from New York, new to us and such a fascinating sound.

The headliner for the final day was Madness, but we didn’t get anywhere near the main stage so we only have the photo at the top of this page, although it was nice to hear all the old classics, even from a distance. From there we headed to Backstage Bar & Billiards on Fremont Street for one last club show:

Bad Ass are a bunch of young punks from Riverside, CA with great looks, and opened the show

Next up, Die Spitz is an amazing female punk band from Austin, Texas, who played the main festival’s party stage earlier today. We were completely blown away and will be keeping an eye on these ladies in the future.

And finally, the Subhumans from Great Britain, good old hardcore and friends of ours, completed our 2024 Punk Rock Bowling experience.

All photos are below: