Pat Morita always regretted meeting Mr. Miyagi was in Karate Kid

One of the problems Hollywood faces is typecasting, and there are actors and actresses who may not get roles again in their entire professional careers simply because everyone remembers them in a certain role from the past.

And within the Karate Kid franchise, you certainly remember the excellent role of Pat Moritain the role of Mr. Miyagi, a Morita who found virtually no work as an actor after Karate Kid.

Strangely enough, Pat Morita was not initially chosen for the role of the Sr. Miyagi for the Karate Kid license, but he ended up getting the job for several reasons.

Although Pat Morita rose to fame playing Mr. Miyagi, after ten years he found himself so locked into that character that it was impossible for him to get new roles.

This is coupled with the fact that it was very difficult for Asian Americans in Hollywood to get roles at the time, even causing Pat Morita to retire early.

As his daughter Aly Morita noted in an interview some time ago: Karate Kid practically ended his father’s career.

“When he passed away in 2005, at the age of 73, my father was a forgotten star. He lived in Las Vegas, divorced from his third wife, couldn’t get a job because he was too old and was still riding the coattails of his Karate Kid heyday. His fans remembered him; the Asian American community remembered him. But he had no value to Hollywood. After enjoying the rewards of success for over a decade after the first Karate Kid movie, he was just another washed-up movie star.

Although Pat Morita never publicly complained about Karate Kid, it is true that he eventually decided to retire from films when he saw that he was not getting new roles.

Curiously, as we mentioned, Karate Kid’s producers didn’t look to Pat Morita first to create Mr. Miyagi to play.

According to what is said, they wanted Toshiro Mifune was Mr. Miyagi with the Karate Kid license, but since he spoke absolutely no English, he was eventually thrown out.