NILDS organizes a national dialogue on the state police, experts call for the necessary political will

A national dialogue on the demand for a state police system in Nigeria has concluded that the country needs the necessary political will to make a decision that best suits its unique needs.

The dialogue is made possible by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies as part of its contributions to the conversation around the need for state police.

Over the past two decades, calls for the establishment of a state police force to combat growing security challenges have grown louder.

But citizens who oppose it have not stopped making their voices heard.

The bill seeking the establishment of the state police is among the proposed laws before the 10th National Assembly as the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution takes effect.

This expert dialogue session is organized by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, in its quest to contribute to the debate on state police.

Scholars from across academia are exploring the concept of true federalism while calling for a better understanding of state policing

As insecurity continues to plague some parts of the country, Nigerians are hoping for better performance to protect lives and property.