“My career will be a failure if I don’t”

NJPW star Zack Sabre Jr. won’t be satisfied until he achieves two important goals.

Zack Saber Jr. has no shortage of accomplishments in the two decades he’s spent in professional wrestling, but in a new interview with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, he admitted he won’t be satisfied until he wins both the G1 and the title. IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

“It’s probably a bit dramatic to say that my career will have been a failure if I don’t win both the G1 and IWGP world heavyweight titles this year, but that’s the gut feeling I have – and I’m vegan, so I have a great constitution.

This is my eighth G1, and it’s undoubtedly the most prestigious tournament in professional wrestling – but it’s not enough to win it alone this year. I’ve failed to win the top IWGP heavyweight title three times, so in my mind it’s really now or never if I’m really going to reach the top of the industry.

Zack Saber Jr. says he is ‘forever indebted’ to Bryan Danielson

Elsewhere in the interview, Zack praised Saber Jr. AEW star Bryan Danielson and called him a huge influence.

“I am forever grateful to Bryan for the match he gave me in a small pub in Coventry in 2008. Few wrestlers have had as direct and indirect an influence on my career as old dragon bollocks. There’s also no one else in the world I can have these types of matches with, so I know we’re not done yet, even with Bryan scaling back his schedule.

We could wrestle every day of the week and it would never feel like enough. I would love to take that fight all over the world. We have a few continents that we haven’t reached yet. Both inside and outside the ring, Bryan is one of a kind.”

Zack Saber Jr. will face Orange Cassidy in a first singles match at Forbidden Door on June 30.