More traffic is expected as the National Little Britches Rodeo begins at Lazy E – Guthrie News Page

The National Little Britches Rodeo (NLBR) will kick off its annual event at the Lazy E on Thursday, marking the start of a busy week for the area.

Founded in 1952, the National Little Britches Rodeo is a prestigious youth rodeo organization that provides a platform for young rodeo enthusiasts ages 5 to 18. Each year, NLBR sanctions nearly 400 youth rodeos in 15 states, promoting skill development and sportsmanship in young children. competitors.

Logan County Emergency Manager Steven Haga says residents and commuters on the east side of I-35 are advised to exercise patience and caution as traffic is expected to be heavier than normal. The presence of officers at major intersections is intended to minimize disruptions and ensure everyone’s safety.

Traffic advice

  • Affected roads: Waterloo, Seward and Douglas roads are expected to see increased traffic.
  • Duration: Traffic disruptions are expected in the coming week.
  • Safety precautions: Officers will be on site directing traffic at the main entrance of the Lazy E to ensure smooth flow and increase the safety of all travelers.