Mandy Rose discusses the possibility of joining AEW

Mandy Rose was asked if she wanted to become All Elite.

After holding the NXT Women’s Championship for 413 days, Mandy Rose lost the title to Roxanne Perez on December 13, 2022. Just a day later, fans were shocked to learn that Rose had been released from her WWE contract.

It was later revealed that Rose was let go after WWE became uncomfortable with the content she was posting on its FanTime subscription service. The images, videos and live streams are said to have become more sexual in nature, something that WWE did not support. In the wake of her departure, it was noted that WWE felt they had “no choice” but to release Mandy Rose, as they felt her content had gone “way, way over the line.”

However, the star is not having any financial problems after her as it was revealed that her exclusive content offering Mandy Rose made over $1 million dollars in the month of December alone. Rose recently revealed that one fan had spent a five-figure sum on her content alone.

“There’s no reason I’m not here” – Mandy Rose on AEW

On her Power Alphas podcast, Rose was asked if she had considered the possibility of joining All Elite Wrestling and if there was a specific reason she wasn’t there at the moment. According to the star, she is still deciding whether she wants to return to wrestling at all. She said:

“I appreciate that. There’s no reason why I’m not here. I just haven’t decided yet if I’m going to wrestle again. Never say never. I don’t know exactly, but you’ll be the first to know.”

In April, Mandy Rose admitted she was disappointed at being rejected from NXT TV.

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