LIVE: An overview of some summer fun

FARGO — Between the snow of the long winters and the rain as the weather warms up, the biking skills of folks around here can get a little… rusty.

But they are arranging help for you and your family in West Fargo tonight.

During the Bike Safety Rodeo you can have your bicycle adjusted for free, there is a bicycle washing station and an obstacle course.

There are also safety experts on hand to help you ensure your helmet fits properly and that you have the lights the law (and your common sense) require.

Safe cycling skills are especially crucial for children to practice because they and their bikes are smaller than adults, and much harder for drivers to spot.

You may not realize that there are so many bike paths and trails in the metro that are open for you to explore this summer.

The event is organized by West Fargo Events and involves many other metro area organizations, including MetroCOG, which is working to expand the metro’s walkability and bike access.

Dan Farnsworth of MetroCOG and Ella Donais of West Fargo Events joined the Morning Show to share some best practices for cyclists and some hidden gems of bike lanes around the metro.