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Every person’s language is unique, just like a fingerprint.

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He color of the tongue This is the main indicator of medical diagnostics, combining the knowledge of ancestors with modern scientific achievements. Originally based on traditional Chinese practices, this method has received scientific support through recent research. Research conducted by scientists from the University of South Australia and the Iraqi Secondary Technical University has shed light on the relationship between the appearance of the tongue and the health of patients.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and the use of artificial intelligence, images of the tongues of 50 patients were analyzed, achieving a disease detection accuracy of 94%. This highlights the effectiveness of the observation-based approach and highlights its potential for improvement. clinical diagnoses in a meaningful way.

The importance of controlling tongue color

The color of the tongue is not only a visual element, but also a valuable diagnostic tool. Harvard UniversityIdeally, a healthy tongue is light pink in colour, although there are often variations between different ethnic groups such as Africans, Asians and Mediterranean people where the tongue can be purple or brown.

Availability white coating on the tongueAccording to Dr. Tian Jiang, an oral health expert at Harvard, keratin derived from keratin is considered normal and acts as a protective barrier against damage during feeding.

However, there are Warning signs associated with different colors and textures that can indicate oral health problems. A brown or black tongue can indicate a “black hairy tongue,” caused by excessive growth of dead cells on the lingual papillae. Factors such as antibiotics, smoking, dry mouth, or excessive consumption of coffee and black tea can contribute to this phenomenon.

Thick white spots or white sores These could be symptoms of thrush, often associated with diabetes, HIV, denture use or antibiotic treatment. Meanwhile, painful red or yellow sores could indicate thrush or, in more severe cases, oral cancer.

a bright red tongue This could indicate a vitamin B12 deficiency or the presence of scarlet fever, a bacterial infection that causes a red rash on the skin. On the other hand, migratory red spots can be associated with ‘geographic tongue’, a benign and incurable disease.

Cleanliness is the key to success

Harvard University emphasizes its importance oral hygiene Proper tongue cleaning involves brushing the tongue to remove bacteria and debris that accumulates on the papillae. It is important to brush your tongue from back to front, as well as the sides and center to maintain optimal oral health and prevent complications.

He tongue scraper This is an indispensable tool for maintaining tongue hygiene, just like interdental brushes, which are used to clean between the teeth. It is specially designed to effectively remove bacteria and dirt from the tongue.

Although it may seem a bit fiddly at first, using a tongue scraper is quite simple: you simply scrape the surface and back of the tongue with movements from the inside out. Repeating this procedure several times will ensure complete cleaning.

It is important to note that it is not recommended to use bristles Toothbrush Tongue cleaners because they are specifically designed for cleaning teeth and do not provide the same effectiveness at cleaning the tongue.

Interesting facts about this muscle

The tongue is a complex organ consisting of many muscles. The normal color is pink and there is a velvety texture and is covered with a mucous membrane, which retains the moisture necessary for its life.

This organ plays a fundamental role in chewing, bolus formation, swallowing and speech articulation. Moreover, it is crucial for taste perceptiontexture and temperature of food, and also helps protect the body through internal lymphatic tissue.

In addition to its physical functions, the tongue has some curious features that are of particular interest. For example, it has the ability to quickly heal superficial wounds due to its constant interaction with saliva. Although the tongue is active all day long, it does not get tired due to its complex structure 17 muscles who work together.

Every person has a unique language, comparable to fingerprints, and that makes him or her unique. distinctive and unique element for personal identification. The average size in adults is approximately 8.0 cm in length and varies depending on the individual. Additionally, in obese people, the amount of tongue fat can increase, and a large tongue can be linked to conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea.

In short, the tongue is not only important for performing basic functions such as speaking and eating, but also says a lot about human health.

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