Increased police presence focuses on traffic violations and vehicle safety –

A Selective Traffic Enforcement Project, or STEP, is underway in Weyburn today. The event will see officers from police forces across the province working alongside the Weyburn Police Service. The increased police presence will keep an eye out for various traffic violations and ensure that vehicles on the road are roadworthy.

Police Chief Jamie Blunden explained during a project like this that leniency is not always self-evident.

“With so many officers in the city, the balancing act between community involvement and traffic enforcement can sometimes be a little tenuous,” the chief explained. This means the likelihood of a warning rather than a ticket being issued is lower than many would expect.

“Everyone should drive safely at all times and have a working conditions car,” Blunden said. “We also know that when things ramp up with the STEP program, there is much less leniency when it comes to enforcement.”