Horsham cricket club could go bankrupt

He said last night’s General Meeting closed after just 15 minutes when the association received no committee nominations, leaving attendees stunned.

“We are supposed to have at least five board members, so we really shouldn’t have participated last season,” he said.

“We continued to do our best throughout the year, but unfortunately it is an association that needs five board members.

“Below that, probably another eight or nine people are needed to fill roles in different areas that I had to do throughout the year.

“We have been approaching clubs for nominations for quite some time.

“No candidate nominations had been received for any position, so we had no alternative but to convene a special general meeting on July 10.

“If we cannot get the positions that need to be filled, we will put the HCA on indefinite hiatus.”

Mr Hair encouraged people to consider running for a board position for the sake of the association’s 500 registered players, many of whom are children.

He said the more people nominated for the committee, the easier it would be to organize the competition.

“The HCA has played a major role in people’s lives for years. I’m sure there are many families where the fathers have played cricket and now the children play, and maybe even play with Dad. In some cases, daughters and mothers and entire families are involved,” he said.

“It’s a sport that has given a lot of people a lot, and it would be really nice if people who have been involved or want to be involved reflect back and say, ‘I’ve had a lot of fun playing cricket and maybe I can do something ‘give something back’.

“We are not asking to take away human lives on boards of directors and create full-time positions from them. What we want to say is that many hands make light work.”

The special general meeting is scheduled for July 10 from 7pm in West Side Horsham.

Mr Hair said people could call him on 0437 778 202 with questions about nominating.

“If anyone wants to know anything, they can contact me directly. All they have to do is call me,” he said.

“We want people to be involved and enjoy being involved because that’s what keeps them coming back. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”