Grassroots Rescue Helicopter crew flies in to help injured cyclist on Pureora Timber Trail

“On the second day I failed to take a sharp bend just after the swing bridge. I fell off my bike, rolled over a few times and fell painfully on my shoulder a bit off the track.”

She said that one of the people on the trail had a personal beacon with him.

Other riders who came across Christine injured sent some of their group ahead to ask him to return.

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“Fortunately, they were able to call for help in the remote area of ​​the forest, where there was no cell phone coverage.”

She said the rescue helicopter arrived quickly and slowed down near a rimu tree so crew members could lower the critical care flight paramedic (CCFP) to the brightest area at the end of the bridge, where he quickly tended to Christine’s injuries.

Christine said the crew was skilled and professional.

“I am so grateful to the helicopter rescue team that came to my rescue. I was so relieved to see them and I knew I was in safe hands.”

The CCFP was “expertly lowered – he was very calm, friendly and confident; providing pain relief and placing a temporary splint in my arm to reduce pressure on my shoulder joint”.

Christine, from Christchurch, was flown from the Pureora Timber Trail.
Christine, from Christchurch, was flown from the Pureora Timber Trail.

Christine had three fractures in her humerus, through the neck and head of the bone.

“I’m not great with heights, but the CCFP made me feel safe during the winch to the rescue helicopter and the subsequent ride to an open area where they could land safely to transfer me to the plane for the flight to the Rotorua Hospital.

“The team on the day ensured that I received immediate medical attention and saved me from a very long, difficult and painful walk and drive out of the area, and from further injury to the joint.

“A big thank you to the crew. I appreciate your kind help. You are doing a great and important job.”

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