EURO 2024 knockout rounds preview: Bracket, odds and picks

The group stage of EURO 2024 is over and 16 teams will advance to the knockout rounds. The EURO 2024 Bracket has been set and the teams know their remaining routes to lift the trophy. Now all they have to do is survive and move forward. The Round of 16 matchups have begun and play will resume on Saturday, June 29.

Let’s take a look at the bracket and the updated bets to win EURO 2024.

The EURO 2024 bracket is set!

The EURO 2024 bracket is set!

The strong side

This bracket is wild. If we look straight away to the left, we see a quarter-final between France and Belgium, who are ranked second and third in the world. That match could easily have been the final of EURO 2024. The rest of that team also has plenty of other powerful teams, as either France or Belgium will likely face sixth-placed Portugal in the quarter-finals, assuming they beat Slovenia, who are playing in their first ever EURO round of 16, and their first EURO since 2000.

Above that we have Spain vs. Georgia, who miraculously defeated Portugal to advance to the knockout round, as well as Germany vs. Denmark, which will certainly be a test for the 16th-placed host nations playing the 21st-placed Danes. Ultimately, the left side of the bracket hosts four Top 10 teams and six in the Top 20 in the world.

The “easy” side

Now the other side. Romania ended up winning their group, and the reward for the 47th-place team? A date with the team in 7th place in the Netherlands, who know they have a cakewalk to reach the semi-finals. I fully support the Dutch in that match, and I would also like to see them play a rematch against Austria, assuming the group winner gets past Turkey.

Finally we have England versus 45th placed Slovakia who came through from 3rd in their group and finished with 4 points. If the English don’t blow it they will face the winner of Switzerland versus Italy. I am incredibly excited for this opening game of the EURO Round of 16 as the 19th placed Swiss are raring to go against the 10th placed reigning EURO Champions.

We are looking forward to some exciting matches in the coming weeks. Let’s take a look at the updated odds to win the whole thing!

Harry Kane leads this England team as they seek revenge

England is still the favorite for the 2024 European Championship after the group stage

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  • England (+350)
  • Spain (+450)
  • Germany (+550)
  • France (+650)
  • Portugal (+700)
  • Netherlands (+1200)
  • Austria (+1600)
  • Italy (+1800)
  • Belgium (+3300)
  • Switzerland (+3300)

Those are the top 10, because things are really going wrong with the bottom six teams.

  • Turkey 66-1
  • Denmark 80-1
  • Romania 150-1
  • Slovakia 200-1
  • Georgia 250-1
  • Slovenia 500-1
Cody Gakpo scored the equalizer for the Netherlands in their opening match

Can Cody Gakpo and the Netherlands reach their first EURO final since 1988?

You can watch me here if you want, but in my EURO 2024 Preview I said there were three teams I liked that were early future winners.

  • England (+300) now (+350)
  • Spain (+800) now (+450)
  • Netherlands (+1800) now (+1200)

I stick to my predictions from the beginning, as I think Spain will lift the cup after beating the Netherlands 2-1 in 90 minutes.

Here’s an overview of how I see the bracket going overall, and with a lot of assumptions.

Predictions for the 2024 European Championship

I see Spain and Germany taking care of business, but not without a Danish battle, with Spain getting the best out of our hosts and advancing to the semi-finals. Before the bottom of the left side of the bracket I see the Portuguese advancing with ease, while France and Belgium hang in the air. I lean a little more towards France, because of the problems Belgium had in the group stage. I think Portugal and Ronaldo will get the best out of Kylian Mbappe and set up an appointment with Spain in the semi-finals, where I trust the Spaniards to get it done.

As for the “weaker” side of the bracket, give me the Netherlands and Austria to face off in the quarterfinals, with the Netherlands taking revenge. I see England beating Slovakia but losing to Switzerland or Italy in the quarter-finals. England have not been impressive, their manager is all over the place and ultimately I think both the Swiss and Italians are playing better football. It won’t be coming home this year.

I’m slightly leaning towards the Swiss over Italy as I thought they were more impressive in the group stage. Either way, I can see the Swiss or Italy beating England before losing to the Netherlands in the semi-finals. The Netherlands played in a very tough group, came out alive and are now ready to make a European Championship run. I think they have a very solid defensive line that can take them far in this group.

Like I said, Spain have been my champions from the start and they look like the best team at the Euros so far, so why not support them more now?

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