DragChamp Top 10 list – edition 26/6/24

Grant Zimmerman dominates No Box at the Summer Door Car Shootout to lead the DragChamp Top 10 list presented by Laris Motorsports Insurance

26/06/24 – We rounded up the best performers from the past week for Laris Motorsports Insurance’s Top 10 list. Read below how they are ranked.

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DragChamp Top 10 List

1 – Grant Zimmerman

Grant Zimmerman made his first trip to the Summer Door Car Shootout unforgettable after making it to all three No-Box finals. Zimmerman won two of the three finals and a $12,000 main event to lead the Top 10 list!

2 – Aaron Disinger

A few weeks ago, Aaron Disinger topped the Top 10 list after doubling up at Ultimate 64. He continued his winning ways last weekend at US41 when he went 16-0 and doubled up for the second time in three weeks .

3 – Kevin Boring

Kevin Boring is in third place this week after a great weekend in the Stone Jug series at Keystone Raceway. Boring won the $3K Gamblers race and the $10,000 main event on Friday.

4 – Shane Maddox

Shane Maddox took the field at Greer Dragway’s $10K series. Maddox won Quick 16 and Super Pro on the same day to secure a Top 5 spot.

5 – Taylor bowling

Taylor Bowling collected the biggest payday of the weekend after winning $43,000 in the King of Illinois Shootout during the Summer Door Car Shootout.

6 – Dave Gunn

Dave Gunn took home the biggest reward at the Stone Jug Series after winning Saturday’s $20,000 race!

7 – Lindsey Miller

Lindsey Miller takes the lucky 7th place this week after winning three times in Walla Walla. Miller won the bike class on Saturday and Sunday and also raced to the Super Pro win on Sunday!

8 – Soaked Dunn

Soggy Dunn earned a Top 10 spot after reaching three finals in the last two weeks. A week ago, Dunn won at Cecil County and followed it up with a win and a second-place finish at Maple Grove last weekend.

9 – Bart Nelson

After struggling with a new lineup earlier this weekend, Bart Nelson got things going on Saturday at the inaugural Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown at Xtreme Raceway Park. After winning Saturday’s $10,000 earlier in the day against John Allen Helfrich, Nelson went on to win the Old School $10,000 Shootout on Saturday night, whittling his dragster down to five cars before ultimately losing.

10 – Steve Collier

Steve Collier may be better known these days as Koy’s father, but the veteran racer can still ride with the best of them. Big Steve reminded everyone of this on Friday during the Single Shot Showdown after stopping Bode Bennett in the $10,000 final.

10 – Dave Meziere

Dave Meziere closed out the Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown on Saturday night after winning the final $10,000 of the weekend. Meziere was unstoppable in his Cavalier roadster, flying in the semifinals (quad zip, dead zero) and then making a dead lap in the finals to hold off Russell Marr.

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