Dangerous surf advisory closes wave waters along Alabama beaches

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) – Temperatures have been high, but with double red flags in Gulf Shores, officials are warning people to stay out of the water.

It wasn’t the day some beachgoers imagined.

Tanis Dupre and her family were among the group turned away from the Gulf, having just arrived for a beach vacation.

“There is a lot of wind and a lot of waves, so double red flags are not possible.”

Todd Gaither from Birmingham was another member of the group who was turned away from his beach day.

He said he was only able to stay for about an hour before he “got tired of getting sandblasted” by the same winds that swept through the Gulf.

Officials say the fact that many were turned away could be a good thing with conditions like these, big waves and strong currents.

When double red flags are flying, it is illegal to enter the water.

“The lifeguards do a good job of keeping everyone no more than ankle deep,” Gaither said. “They make sure everyone stays safe.”

So far, the mix of conditions and lifeguards seems to be working to keep people from going too deep.

“We saw a few go out a few steps, but not really in,” says Dupre as she drags all her beach gear back to the apartment. “We’ll go back and get in the pool,” she says. “Try to get into some kind of water.”

Entering the water with double red flags flying could cost you some money, jail time or your life, as a man who recently drowned after entering the water while red and purple flags were flying.

The dangerous surf advisory is in effect until Thursday at 7 p.m.