Andy Roddick’s new arch nemesis claims he was his big fan before Novak Djokovic caused their beef

Pavvy G is perhaps the biggest Novak Djokovic superfan on the internet. He recently shared an anecdote about X that is very funny and interesting amid his feud with Andy Roddick. Pavvy claimed that he was a huge fan of the American tennis star before Djokovic came on the scene.

The social media influencer shared a photo of himself on X playing tennis from a relatively young age. He was holding a Babolat racquet and wearing his cap backwards. Roddick can take a lot of credit, along with Rafael Nadal, for making Babolat extremely popular in tennis retail around the world.

Pavvy G also jumped in the air after hitting the tennis ball, in the photo. As he himself put it, it was all very reminiscent of Andy Roddick’s style during his active days.

Pavvy G was a big Andy Roddick fan at a time when the former world number 1 was a big name in tennis alongside the likes of Roger Federer, Lleyton Hewitt, Andre Agassi and Nadal. However, that all changed when Novak Djokovic began to rise in tennis.

Pavvy G became Djokovic’s biggest die-hard fan, so much so that he clashes head-on with anyone who speaks out against the Serbian online. He even took on Boris Becker, who urged him to move on after Pavvy demanded an investigation into the incident involving a fan whose bottle fell on Novak Djokovic’s head at the 2024 Italian Open.

Fans noticed this tweet from Pavvy G and were very surprised when they read his revelation.

He doesn’t let any action or inaction against Novak Djokovic go by without talking about it or demanding consequences. That’s why his beef with Andy Roddick is at the highest level right now.

Why do most Novak Djokovic fans hate Andy Roddick?

Pavvy G and other Djokovic fans are convinced that Roddick is pro-establishment and regularly says things to Djokovic to damage his image. Roddick has often been critical of Djokovic and even complained about the Serbian from his playing days. Recently, Roddick has lashed out at the toxic fan culture of these players and called for them to reconcile.

But fans have noticed that Roddick’s criticism is not isolated. He has said something negative about Djokovic time and time again, posing as a commentator or expert. But many people have had enough.

Pavvy G is also here to expose the lies about Djokovic from other sources. Like when the British media reported that the president of the Serbian Olympic Committee falsely claimed that Djokovic had not had knee surgery.

Now, after this debacle, it would be interesting to see if Andy Roddick will really say what he feels about everything related to Novak Djokovic on his podcast or in his tweets or for Tennis Channel.