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Many games in the fantasy or science fiction genres include various mythical races. One of those games is Roblox Grand Piece Online, where you play as an anime-inspired seafarer. Like other similar games, Grand Piece Online has different varieties, all with different benefits. So what are they?

Grand Piece Online – Racing improvements and benefits, explained

Below you will find all available races in GPO and the benefits they provide to your character. Try to find one that suits your playstyle and improve your character’s overall build.


Humans are the basic race in Grand Piece Online. There’s a good chance you’ll get this race when you open the game or use a reroll. There is a 68% chance that every time you try to change your race, you will be human. Unfortunately, the human race has not undergone any aesthetic changes advantages in the game.


The Fishman race is one of the most common races in GPO with a 5% chance of getting it when opening the game or rolling. The race is aesthetically characterized by vibrant skin color and different body shapes. As a Fishman you also have the opportunity to hold your position breathe longer, swim faster, Fishman Karate stylee, and they are less likely to be attacked by sharks.


The Mink race is the other common race (along with the Fishman), with a 5% reroll chance. To differentiate itself from other races in the game, the Mink has unique body types. The race also gives the player 10% more endurance, a bonus stun passiveand the ability to golden staff. You also get access to learn the exclusive Electro-fighting techniquee as mink.


The Skypian is the most common of the unique (non-human) races that one can acquire with a 15% probability. The appearance is characterized by wings on the back of the character. Benefits of Skypian include: 50% discount in case of fall damage and the ability to slide (once found on Skypiea, pictured above).


The Vampire is another solid race in Grand Piece Online with a 5% reroll rarity. Using this race offers the users a 10% HP boost and the ability to learn it Vampire fighting style. It’s a good alternative to Mink and Cyborg. Moreover, as a vampire you permanently get a cool set of wings on your back!


The Cyborg is one of the rarest races in Grand Piece Online due to its low reroll rarity of 1%. If you manage to roll for it, then it delivers 10% health And resistance to add to your total equipment. There are also different appearances and color variants for the Cyborg, making it the only race with a highly customizable option in terms of appearance. These colors not only affect the way you look, but also the color of your fighting style.


Like Cyborg, the Dullahan is also one of the rarest races in GPO, with a 1% reroll chance. Personally, I’m not too fond of the race, because it is extremely rare to get, and besides, it offers only two benefits: 15% stamina increase and the ability to learn it Dullahan fighting style. Both are very weak compared to something like Cyborg, where you also get a lot of customization and perks. But if you like Dullahan’s fighting style, you should go for this race.

How to Change Your Race in Grand Piece Online

  • The Race Reoll menu in GPO
  • The Race Reoll tokens in GPO

As with most One Piece-inspired games, you can’t choose your race. All you can do is enter a new race and expect to have a good race. To do this, go to the customization section in the main menu and click on the race reroll option available at the bottom left of the screen. Purchase Reroll tokens use Robux and spin until you get the race you want in Grand Piece Online. Below you will find the Reroll Token costs.

  • 1 reroll – 50 Robux
  • 5 rerolls – 250 Robux
  • 10 rerolls – 450 Robux
  • 50 rerolls – 2000 Robux

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