Alexander Volkanovski shares prediction for Brian Ortega vs. Diego Lopes at UFC 303

Alexander Volkanovski is excited to watch the UFC 303 co-main event between Brian Ortega and Diego Lopes.

Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega

Ortega and Lopes agreed to fight each other on short notice in the co-main event in a pivotal featherweight bout. The winner of the scrap will put themselves in a good spot to then fight for the title.

Lopes, who is competing at UFC 303, is a slight betting favorite, which doesn’t surprise Volkanovski as he knows the Brazilian is hyped and looks impressive. However, Alexander Volkanovski thinks Brian Ortega will be too strong and durable for Diego Lopes and expects ‘T-City’ to weather the early storm to ultimately take the win.

“Who do I choose? Lopes is the favorite. Lopes is good, man. This will be my first time competing against Lopes. Just (because of) Ortega’s durability,” Alexander Volkanovski said on his YouTube channel. “It’s a three-rounder, does he do enough damage in the first two rounds to get a decision? Five laps I don’t know, five laps would be difficult for me to get through. Three rounds, man, am I going with Lopes?

“I think he’ll land more on the feet because he’ll be aggressive,” Volkanovaski added. “I don’t think he’s going to drop him or knock him out. Ortega’s chin is legit. Man, this is a tough one for me. I can’t pull the trigger here. This one might ruin the parlays, guys. I’m going with the underdog here… I have a lot of respect for Lopes, and I know he’s going to bring it, and I know this is a short fight, three rounds. Stylistically, he might have a slightly more advantage in this situation, but I’m going with Ortega. I think he will strike at the right time and be a little more calculated.”

Alexander Volkanovski believes that Brian Ortega will be too difficult to finish and he expects ‘T-City’ to use his veteran knowledge to achieve victory.

If Ortega beats Lopes, it’s uncertain what’s next for him as he’s hinted he’ll move up to lightweight next. But Volkanovski thinks Ortega will extend his win streak to two on Saturday night at UFC 303.